Welcome to the ramble.

I was sitting with a good friend of mine, and he suggested that I publish some of my views on capital and on corporate development. After thinking about it for about ten and a half seconds, I realized he was right. It is therapeutic, and it offers me an opportunity to articulate some views that I have developed over the time that I have worked in corporate development, capital and strategic advisory.

Some years ago, in the middle of a fun run at a great organization with some very fine colleagues, I was felled by a rare neuro-muscular condition. It put me on the sidelines and my career, which had allowed me to work globally with some remarkable people who became my friends, was ended. My world narrowed into a day to day fight to getting back to some sort of baseline capacity.

My condition appears to have stabilized, but I truly don’t know if I will ever have anything like my previous strength.  However, I still have a host of views on private equity and venture capital, economic development, the ethics of investment, capital markets, portfolio theory, operations research, etc, etc, and of course, etc!

So now, having been forced into taking a deep breath, the plunge, I suppose. Let’s see were this takes us!